General Information

NATIONAL PLATFORM “United for adult learning”

The National Platform “United for adult learning” (NPUAL) was established in early 2016 for more effective coordination between stakeholders at all levels and it unites the national coordination group for lifelong learning (NCGLLL), the regional coordinators and the national network of educational institutions for adult learning (NNEIAL).

In order to take joint decisions a Coordinating Council of NPUAL is established and it will include: three representatives of NCGLLL – one representative of the State, one of the nationally represented employers’ organizations and one from the trade unions; 6 regional coordinators – from the pilot areas for the establishment of regional coordination groups for lifelong learning (Burgas, Gabrovo, Pazardjik, Pernik and Ruse), 6 representatives of NNEIAL, heads of educational institutions, which train a large number of adults. The Steering Committee is chaired by the National Coordinator for the implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning. The administrative Secretary who prepares the materials for the meetings of the Board, and the person who is keeping the minutes, are members of the project team.

The members of the CC monitor and evaluate the implementation of the project activities; discuss opinions raised at all levels in conjunction with the annual national progress reports in the sector of adult learning and issues related to the development of the sector of adult learning at national, regional and local level, make proposals for an appropriate presentation of good practices and the content of the program and the location of the Days for lifelong learning etc. CC is developing a program that will include the mission, objectives and priorities of the National Platform “United for adult learning.”

Ministry of Education and Science, 2024