• Updated and enlarged composition of the National Coordination Group for lifelong learning, published on the website of the project;
  • Created 28 district coordination groups for lifelong learning and carried out two-days training for 22 district and 22 deputy-district coordinators;
  • Conducted 6 webinars for the district coordination groups from the regions of Northwestern Bulgaria, North Central Bulgaria, Northeast Bulgaria, Southwest Bulgaria, South Central Bulgaria and Southeastern Bulgaria;
  • Increased number of members of the National Network of institutions for education and training of adults by 20%;
  • An updated list of names of the Coordination Council of the National Platform “United for adult learning” and conducted 4 working meetings;
  • Conducted 4 webinars for members of the National network of institutions for adult education and training;
  • Conducted consultative process: 240 participants in 6 regional workshops; 30 participants in “National Café”; 60 participants in National Forum;
  • Elaborated consultative document with a progress review, the main challenges in front of the Adult Learning sector in Bulgaria and formulated proposals for the future;
  • Prepared one updated dataset of annual NISAL indicators in 2018 and in 2019;
  • Established virtual room for methodological assistance to the district coordinators
  • Renewed website of the project;
  • 300 participants in the National Days for Lifelong Learning in 2018 and in 2019;
  • 2 movies with pictures from all the events within the National Days for Lifelong Learning in 2018 and in 2019.
Ministry of Education and Science, 2024