After Gabrovo, Ruse, Pazardzhik and Burgas on July 8, 2016 in Vidin was created the fifth pilot regional coordination group for lifelong learning. The specially organized round table was attended by representatives of the Regional Inspectorate of Education, District Administration Vidin, territorial structures of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in Vidin, Belogradchik and Kula, territorial Bureau of Statistics, teachers from vocational schools as well as representatives from municipal administrations.

The participants in the event were greeted by Ms. Petya Georgieva – Deputy Governor. She emphasized the priority of adult learning for the workforce development in the area and assured the National Coordinator for Adult Learning that all stakeholder representatives will make every effort to justify the high confidence which they are assigned with respect to the formation and implementation of regional policy for adult learning.

The roundtable was moderated by Mrs. Tsetska Hadjigeorgieva – a regional coordinator for adult learning. She presented the general context of the activities related to the priorities of the European agenda for adult learning, as well as the key role of the regional coordination groups for lifelong learning in the overall system of coordination mechanisms established in the country to date.

Mrs. Valentina Deykova – National Coordinator for Adult Learning and Head of Project № 3761-EPP-1-2015-1-BG-EPPKA3-AL-AGENDA – “National coordinators in the implementation of the European Agenda for Adult Learning” emphasized on the need for mobilization of stakeholders on the territory of Vidin district. She pointed out that adult learning must acquire a new meaning for all institutions and organizations on the territory of Vidin region, and collective and individual benefits from it should reflect on the overall socio-economic development of the Northwest Planning Region.

The presented data on the sector for Adult Learning in 2015 and in particular those related to Vidin region, caused serious debate and launched an active discussion on the complex and unresolved issues of the sector. Specific topics and cases of coordination between the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy were discussed, incl. opportunities for more flexible administrative approaches to promote adult learning in different stages of personal development. Debates focused on the lack of opportunities for distance learning, the need to encourage the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills among representatives of different age groups, stimulating activities for continuing vocational training, expansion of interaction with business and others.

The members of the regional coordination group for lifelong learning in Vidin shared the general opinion that there are complex and important issues in the regional sector for adult learning, that need to be resolved by the formation and implementation of concrete actions and measures based on serious and responsible analysis and evaluation processes. All participants in the event expressed their satisfaction with the specific support, which was given to them by the team of the National Coordinator for Adult Learning by bringing them together in a common coordination mechanism for achieving the goals of the National Strategy for lifelong learning for 2014-2020

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