Basic activities

  • Planning of the management and the implementation of the project activities, of the monitoring, control and reporting procedures;

  • Analysis of the adult learning sector;

  •  Setting up of a National Council for Lifelong Learning;

  • Preparation of a report to the European Commission on the situation of the adult learning sector in Bulgaria;

  • Preparation of proposals for amendments and supplements to the legal basis;

  • Development of a communication strategy for involvement of the stakeholders in the process of monitoring;

  • Examination of good practices and sharing experience for progress in the adult learning sector;

  • Development of a model for monitoring of the adult learning sector and conducting of consultation process;

  • Establishment of a system for monitoring of the adult education sector;

  • Training of representatives of the stakeholders in practical application of the model for monitoring;

  • Popularization of the importance of adult learning – Adult Learning Days;

    • 6 regional seminars;

    • Days of “Open doors for adult learning”;

  • Monthly electronic newsletter;

  • Closing international conference „Mobilization of stakeholders for progress in the adult learning sector”.


Ministery of Education and Science, 2020