Expected outcomes

  • Establishing a Coordination Council of the National Platform “United for adult learning”, a conducted startup seminar with its members and 3 workshops in autumn 2016 and spring and autumn of 2017 .;
  • Adopted Program of the National Platform “United for adult learning”;
  • Created regional coordination groups for lifelong learning in six pilot areas and roundtables and trainings held in each of them;
  • New section created on the website of the project: “National Platform 2020”;
  • New database at district level in the National Information System for Adult Learning, supplementing the database on key indicators in 2016 and 2017 .;
  • Developed and published Model for coordination of stakeholders at district level and a set of universal logic matrices to develop analyzes and programs for the development of the sector for adult learning at regional level (500 booklets);
  • Developed 6 analyzes of the state of the sector for adult learning on basic indicators for each of the pilot areas;
  • Published at least 10 news covering the activities of the national coordinator and their results on the electronic platform for adult learning in Europe (EPALE);
  • Provided publicity for the project through the website http://lll.mon.bg and distribution of information brochure, posters, promotional materials;
  • Provided opportunity for raising awareness of the services offered for adult education and learning by publishing free ads to members of the National Platform “United for adult learning” on the website of the project;
  • Conducted national Days of lifelong learning in October 2016 and 2017 .;
  • National wrap-up forum;


Ministry of Education and Science, 2018