Activity 1. Coordination:

1.1. Creating National Platform “United for adult learning” to coordinate the interaction of stakeholders in the sector of adult learning;

1.2. Stakeholder coordination at district level;

1.3. Participation in meetings at European level.

Activity 2. Providing conditions for analysis and policy making for adult learning at regional level:

2.1. Create a set of universal logic matrices to develop analyzes and programs for the development of the sector for Adult Learning at district level;

2.2. Enrichment of the National Information System for Adult Learning (NISUV) with new database on regional level;

2.3. Organizing trainings of the members of the regional coordination groups.

Activity 3. Promote the importance of adult learning:

3.1. Coverage of the activities of the National Coordinator and their results on the electronic platform for adult learning in Europe (EPALE);

3.2. Publicity of the project and opportunities to increase awareness of the services offered for adult learning and education;

3.3. Conducting Days of lifelong learning;

3.4. National wrap-up forum.

Activity 4. Study of the experience of other European countries for implementating the priorities of the European Agenda for Adult Learning:

4.1. Organizing study visit to an EU member state;

4.2. Participation in events, organized in other European countries.

Activity 5. Ensuring quality of implementation of project activities.



Ministry of Education and Science, 2018